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Recently, a very good friend of mine hit me up to let me know that a holiday video he posted was of him and a girl that he had met at one of my events and they were now together.  Another friend of mine who I had met at an event and then he came to a bar I was performing at. Told me that the girl that he had met there was now his fiance and they are getting married.  It blows me away that I can "set a stage" for these types of things to happen.  I never think of these things as I am getting ready to do my bit.  I try to create an energy that isn't there in hopes that it might get people into a good mood and have some fun.  I miss being able to be part of someone' life. Even for a short time.  To actually bond with a crowd and bring what I have to the table.  Honestly, it will never get old when someone  comes up to me after a set and say how much they enjoyed it.  And really, none of it would be possible without possible with the amazing staff, sound, security and promoters that let me do my thing.  I sure do miss all of them and I definitely miss my crowds.  From 2 people to 20,000.  Doesn't matter.  If I can make one person happy.  Maybe change what they are feeling for just one moment.  That is everything....

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